Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tour of Singapore 2010

Registration are now open till 13.11.10, remember 13.11.10! That’s 10 days! And also we’ll throw in a t-shirt with that too.

Registration fee is $SGD30.

So watchu waiting for?! Email us your registration forms now at!(That’s for you foreign peeps who are attending TOS2010) Local peeps hafta come down 34 Haji Lane at Sup Clothing to fill in the forms.

We would like to emphasize it’s a must to register with the registration form & email it to us by 13.11.10. Remember it’s a must!

Registration form can be downloaded from here.

*Miscellaneous such as tools, tubes & tires will be provided during the Tour. And as for the registration payment method, we will keep you guys updated. Meantime.. Register NOW!


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