Thursday, November 18, 2010

ehh kelakar seram la u ni~

Here are my top ten reasons NOT to ride a 'fixie' ◄◄ hipster!
via This Bloody Idiot

1. No Coasting
Coasting is the best thing about a bike isn't it?

2. No Gears
Well, only one gear. What you really want is at least 18, 21, and 24 is the best. And you might as well get the best derailleurs money can buy. And can you ever spend allot of money on those technological marvels.

3. Your knees
Everyone knows that riding a fixed gear bike is hard on the knees.

4. Spandex
Wearing that spandex bib just goes naturally with that carbon fibre race bike with STI gear/brakes combos! More technology is better.

5. Bottle cages.
Again, fixed gear bikes don't even come with bottle cages! Enough said.

6. Mystique
Riding a fixed gear bike is hard and only for the hardcore.

7. Maintenance
Fixed gear bikes are too low maintenance. If you can't spend $240 twice a year for a tune ups, why bother riding a bike. With fixies, you can do almost all the maintenance yourself, that is definitely not a reason to ride a bike.

8. I don't care about Zen like oneness with the road.

9. Fixies are too light.
Stripped of derailleurs and extra gears, fixies loose too much weight. I need all that extra inertia to carry me through long descents.

10. No team colours.
There are no teams in the tour de france riding fixies, and Lance never rode a fixie.


1. if you want to coasting all the way, better drove a car...

2. fixed gear is all about simplicity, pick up a road bike or MTB if you're gear freak.

3. that is what we aim for... get fit faster riding on fixed gear.

4. duhh lame.. spandex is for everyone especially if you ride for a length of time.

5. booo! we fixed gear rider bring along a big ass 'messenger bag' where we can put all the tools, tube, pump, and more than a bottle of Gatorade in that shit. even your mom..

6. hard? we are concern about our ratios..

7. no one want to spend $240 twice a year just for kid!

8. good for you..hope u will be hit by a car someday. always alert when cycling, be one with the bike and always think forward. that is what a good cyclist do..

9. light is good for speed and easy to carry...

10. color pak hang!

in tour de france they use road bike, because its a ROAD racing, idiot. Track bike is use in velodrome, keirin racing. Lance never rode a fixie because he ride a FIXED GEAR!



  1. nice one! this asshole knows nothing dude. screw him!

    and one more, hell yeah it's FIXED GEAR!

  2. thanks.. this dude have no good reason for not riding a fixed gear. its all bollocks!